After teaching art and design at the compulsory and collegiate levels for 7 years, Alicia H.L. Stenger is returning effort to her own art. Exploring projects left behind during her studies at the University of Washington she is working with light, projections, sound, video, and print mediums. She connects these faculties through her interest in human emotion and sensory response. With a minimalistic approach, Stenger tries to increase the dynamic between audience and author. She believes her work is at its best when the viewer is experiencing a mind, body, and sight immersion. Appreciating an ambiguous interpretation, her work is always authentically personal but invites viewers to create their own narrative, meaning, and experience.

E d u c a t i o n
2012-2014 MA in Teaching Art Education, Eastern Washington University
2010-2012 BA in Interdisciplinary Art, University of Washington

S o l o   E x h i b i t i o n s
2012, Naked Ladies, Artemis, Spokane WA

G r o u p   E x h i b i t i o n s
2014, Mobile Murals, Outdoor Mural for Spokane Arts, Spokane WA
2012, First Friday, 1900, Spokane WA
2012, Senior Exhibition, Sandpoint Gallery, Seattle WA
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